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We teach HOW to learn,
not just WHAT to learn.

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Discover What Great Minds Can Do!


Customize your program. Choose how and when to meet with your Coach. Your Student Connector will walk you through each step of the CLICK Match Process TM.


Individualize your experience. Your way of learning is as unique as your thumbprint. Learn how to get what you need to live your full potential.


Transform your life. The mindset, skillset, and habits you learn will transform all areas your life. Your thoughts will drive your actions toward your goals.

WHAT MAKES Yellow Parachute your “BEST” choice?

A Revolutionary Approach – Great Minds Don’t Think Alike…Discover What Great Minds Can DoTM

Coaching Learning + Teaching Leadership Through Tutoring

Through collaboration with global leadership trainers Becoming Your Best and key education innovators, Yellow Parachute helps students, parents, and educators remove obstacles to learning and create pathways for future success – in all areas of your life!

Yellow Parachute’s one-of-a-kind proprietary tutoring model brings leadership to life – through executive function coaching. This combination gives students, parents, and educators the tools to succeed now, while providing a framework for college and career success.

Our process is a direct response to the call for education leaders to build Social Emotional and 21st Century Learning Skills into content learning.

Thought leader Dr. Dana Beth Ardi explains the importance of learning how to learn for each individual student:

“We have to start looking at children and helping them to identify their skills and talents, giving them the tools to acquire knowledge because jobs that we may have in twenty-five years may not be the jobs you envisioned in fifty years. So how do you continually become a learner, re-skill and then take responsibility [for ongoing learning]?”

Dr. Dana Ardi

4 Ways to Work With Yellow Parachute

Learning Coaching
(aka Tutoring)

Weekly tutoring sessions for families or schools in 1:1 and small group formats.

Students build the skills they need – in their way – in their time. Even more important than learning content is learning how to learn.

Test Prep

Even beyond improving their scores, students become better strategic thinkers. Students report improved time management and better overall test taking skills through our programs.

We offer a wide variety of test prep options to meet your time and budget needs.

ADHD/Executive Function Coaching

Students, parents, and educators can work together to identify & develop unique learning and leadership styles.

We build awareness for EF Skills in the classroom and empower parents and teachers to guide their students.

Workshops & Training Sessions

Founder and Trainer Cara Thorpe emphasizes the major role Executive Function Skills plays in our daily lives and leadership.

YP offers parent and educator- geared classes, webinars, and public events to build EF Skills mindset, skillsets, and habits.

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