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Great minds don’t
think alike…

We teach students how to learn not just what to learn.

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Welcome to Yellow Parachute Learning Partners

Home to the BEST K-12 Tutoring & Test Prep because
we teach students HOW to learn, not just WHAT to learn.

We jump in to help invested parents raise resilient kids.

Whether they are 5 or 18, wildly curious, amazingly athletic, seriously studious, or all of the above, there are so many awesome things about your student. Don’t let missed assignments or school anxiety get in the way.

Call on Yellow Parachute to provide weekly tutoring sessions. We will jump in and guide your student to set goals, then make plans to achieve them. We’ll be the teachers, so you can be the parent. Celebrate their strengths and achievements!

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Explore our paid and free offerings in four categories.

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Learning Coaching
(aka Tutoring)

Weekly tutoring sessions for families or for schools that equip students with the tools they need to guide success and relieve stress.

How It Works

Standardized Test

Even beyond improving their scores, students become better strategic thinkers and have improved time management. We offer a variety of options.

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ADHD & Executive Function Coaching

Specifically trained EF Coaches will help students unwrap unique gifts and passions and use them to build success.

See What’s Possible


Cara Thorpe, Founder and Visionary, shares the message that “you are not alone,” through live speaking and webinar events.

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Through our proven teaching process, Yellow Parachute Coaches guide students to develop the skills that are most essential to independent learning and the choices they will make after high school.

Dr. Dana Beth Ardi, thought leader and expert in the fields of talent management, organizational design, assessment, leadership, coaching, and recruiting, explains the importance of learning how to learn.

“We have to start looking at children and helping them to identify their skills and talents, giving them the tools to acquire knowledge because jobs that we may have in twenty-five years may not be the jobs you envisioned in fifty years. So how do you continually become a learner, re-skill and then take responsibility [for ongoing learning]?”

Dr. Dana Ardi

Yellow Parachute Coaches solve for the here and now, while looking ahead to your student’s future.

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    We focus on the relationship between student and tutor to get results.


    We put relationships at the top of the list to meet each student where they are and help them grow.


    Yellow Parachute Coaches meet students where and when works best with their busy schedules.


    We guarantee visible change in your student’s progress after 6 weeks when they follow their personalized plan.

    Start working with Yellow Parachute today to support the things that are already going well – and inspire confidence, growth, and independence!

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