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How Do We Implement Individualized Learning?

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This May, I had the pleasure and privilege to take part in the Bush Foundation’s Individualized Learning ConferenceI was moved and inspired by the speakers and participants who’ve dedicated their careers to ensuring that all kids have access to innovative, personalized approaches to learning. Below are a few of my favorite takeaways from the day’s speakers that resonate with Yellow Parachute’s mission and vision:

“Learning” is naturalfrom Sir Ken Robinson’s Video Convocation

We’re born with the ability to learn. “Education” is organized, intentional learning that aims to take full advantage of our learning potential. Education activates the opportunities that lie within us to interact with the world around us.

As defined by The Bush Foundation, Individualized Learning takes into account:

  • Who our children are, including their cultural and individual differences
  • The way they learn—their strengths, weaknesses, and interests
  • The vitality of those non-linear “teachable moments” that arise from students’ unique capabilities
Education is about choices

There are so many ways for our young people to express who they are. Education primes students to understand themselves and identify their purpose so they can make choices that honor their unique gifts, interests, and abilities.

A successful school understands its “why”from Bush Foundation Learning Leader Reflections

Every individual teacher and staff member within the school should be able to articulate why they are working to educate children. In the meantime, each student should also feel valued as an individual, which in turn creates a sense of collective agency as a student body.

Every life on earth is a unique moment in history

Everyone wants to walk a path that is fulfilling to them and education can help them find or create that path. As parents and teachers, we can help show our kids that their individual path is both the labor and bounty of many lives. We believe this at Yellow Parachute, and we’re honored to participate in this extraordinary undertaking every single day. With that in mind, a quote from poet Gwendolyn Brooks was the perfect way to kick off this powerful day:

“We are each other’s harvest; we are each other’s business; we are each other’s magnitude and bond.”


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Monday, 25 May 2020