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Why Yellow Parachute “Learning Partners”

What does the "Learning Partners" part of Yellow Parachute Learning Partners really mean? Today, Cara dives into what it means for you and for your kids. Being a learning partner isn't just knowing things or trying harder. Cara and [...]

We Are Made to Learn

When our kiddos were figuring out how to walk, we let them figure it out. We supported the effort and comforted the fall. We honored their pace, their style, their disposition because we had faith in the process. We knew that, ultimately as able-bodied children, they would walk.

Improve Sleep And Study Time With Aromatherapy

Home fragrance has come a long way from the synthetic aerosols and potpourri of yore. More than creating ambiance, a growing body of clinical evidence shows that aromatherapy—the use of plant essential oils for therapeutic purposes—has remarkable healing properties. So [...]

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