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How “letting go” in the right way can help your kids flourish

“Say it, Mom,” she whisper-coached. “I am good enough.” My daughter pressed her hand into mine, her forehead to my temple. “I am good enough,” I responded. We turned our heads back to the pair in front of us, Pastor [...]

How to Stop Arguing About Food, Time, and Money

As promised in last week’s post on conquering the self-defeating stories we tell ourselves, what follows is an honest and thorough accounting of what happened with those checklists I delegated to my kids to keep their home/school/hockey/dance obligations in balance. [...]

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How to Heal the Heartbreak of Underachieving Children

Each of us has seasons of increased and decreased productivity in school, work, and life. When we prioritize time and bandwidth, some tasks naturally get more time and attention, while others get less. We choose our battles, enter the arena. [...]

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