How Knowing Where You Are Helps You Get Where You Want to Go

As ever-adventurous neighborhood travelers, my daughter and I attempted a new shortcut to her friend’s house this weekend. We also like to sing a little in the car, and we anticipated our accomplishment with a melodious mix of Pentatonix’s “White [...]

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Exploring Core Values With Rachel Moran, LMFT

That SAT score, that perfect college, that flawless photo of our dinner on Instagram: when did everything become so external to ourselves?  It’s almost as though we aspire to be the data point of ourselves, rather than simply ourselves—those internal, [...]

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How to Heal the Heartbreak of Underachieving Children

Each of us has seasons of increased and decreased productivity in school, work, and life. When we prioritize time and bandwidth, some tasks naturally get more time and attention, while others get less. We choose our battles, enter the arena. [...]

Fostering Focus and Building Meaning Part II: Lessons from Your Kids’ Favorite Teacher

Does your kid have a favorite teacher? Maybe even teachers, plural? They’re amazing, aren’t they? The work your kid will put in for a favorite’s remarkable, magic, and inspiring. I had favorite teachers. Still remember ‘em. I bet you [...]

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How To Do The Things You Don’t Like Doing (And How YP Can Help)

Ok, so when it comes to getting to the gym, I’m pretty disciplined. But I’m disciplined because I enjoy it—the adrenaline, the focus, the sense of accomplishment. I’ve just always been that way. And because I love working-out-hard, I have [...]

How Talking To Yourself Helps You (And Your Kids) Learn

Do you talk to yourself? I do. Like when I’m making a list of things to pack for the cabin, helping a student with a science question on the ACT, or making sure my grocery list is complete. I’m mentally [...]

Setting Goals With Your Kids? Expect Push-Back

So. How did your goal-setting conversations go, everyone? Anyone? Okay, I’ll start: mine I talked with each kiddo separately and asked them to answer some written questions. My twelve-year-old did the most comprehensive thinking. The ten and seven-year-olds sat [...]

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Lost In Translation: How I Learned To Stop Co-authoring My Kids’ Dreams

For a long time in our house, the parental catchphrase, “Remember your goal” led to grumpy retorts, which led to tense “conversations,” which led to a frustrated family. My husband and I couldn’t understand our kids’ lack of desire to [...]

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