We are so excited to launch a new test prep program, just in time for summer! Combining our personalized tutoring program with a proven online test prep interface, this may be the perfect, flexible solution to getting your busy kid jump-started on test prep this summer.

Your student will benefit from the flexibility of a dynamic online portal and support of a dedicated learning coach. The virtual interface provides access to thousands of authentic practice test questions, helpful how-to videos, and proven testing strategies, while the personal learning coach will manage and customize training sessions, and provide accountability and support. Our self-paced program follows a 10 weektimeline of instruction, requiring students to spend a minimum of 2 hours a week working online in the YP portal system. (Problems and lessons can also be printed.)

In addition your student will receive a Personalized Learning Plan, periodic Progress Reports, and an Organizational Dashboard. Your student will have access to their assigned tutor on a regular basis through Zoom online conversations, email check-ins, and texting to help keep students on track, answer questions, and ensure accountability.

Cost: $895 per student

Includes: 20+ hours of instructional material accessed through a web based interface, student has personal tutor via email/texting, and SIX 30 minute 1:1 Skype/Zoom sessions with a Yellow Parachute SAT/ACT Tutor.  Additional ACT/SAT sessions available: $105/hour

Contact us to learn more and to see a 7-minute introductory video.