We’re living in a strange, new world when it comes to what back-to-school looks this fall. 

Social distancing.
Hybrid model.
Distance learning.

These are all terms that weren’t part of my vocabulary, much less my daily life and habits, last fall as we excitedly started the 2019-2020 school year. Last year we were forward-facing and adventure focused in opening Yellow Parachute Academy for the very first time!

This year is so very different… And here at Yellow Parachute Learning Partners, we’re still excited, and we’re prepared to survive…and thrive…in this strange new world. 

I’ve heard the comforting phrases “flat is the new fabulous” and “maintaining is awesome” thrown around lately, and I appreciate the room to breathe and the grace they offer us. But that’s just not our mindset here at Yellow Parachute. At Yellow Parachute Learning Partners and Yellow Parachute Academy we have the opportunity to observe, prepare, and respond creatively to the global COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on education. Flat and maintaining is where the Yellow Parachute bar starts!

We are confident that we have the platform, the foundations, and the systems set up to achieve and exceed parents’ expectations for their students’ learning:

  • At Yellow Parachute Learning Partners we will help you build peace of mind, sustainability, and success into this school year. Our four-step design process lets families choose the level of support, location, session type, and frequency for the learning coach services that best fit their needs.
  • Yellow Parachute Academy is a one-room schoolhouse learning community offering support to students. We’re energized and ready to jump into the 2020-2021 school year! We’ve been meeting as a staff this week, and I am so excited for our students to join us next week at our new location in the Chaska Mill building, located just across the parking lot from Yellow Parachute Academy’s main building. This location will allow us to expand to accommodate grades K-12. It’s a mini Yellow Parachute Academy campus in downtown Chaska!

As we begin the school year with so many unknowns, it’s OK to feel it would be awesome to just maintain. Those thoughts offer comfort at a time of stress. But we’ve set our expectations for Yellow Parachute higher based on our past experience and vision for the future. 

At Yellow Parachute we’ll work with you to create a personalized learning process, through which we’ll provide guidance every step of the way to keep your learner motivated and engaged and help you concentrate on the responsibilities you have for your family – what YOU do best. 

As always, if your student, school, or district has a need, please contact us. Yellow Parachute looks forward to jumping with you!

Cara Thorpe
Founder & Visionary
Yellow Parachute Learning Partners