Last week we wrote about “getting what you need.” Working with that same theme, this week we’re going to focus on Yellow Parachute Learning Partners’ Student Connector, Jenny McKeand. Everything Jenny does for Yellow Parachute, from hiring and onboarding Learning Coaches, to connecting families through our unique Click Process, which guarantees a match that will click, helps families and kids get what they need.

No matter if you’re a Yellow Parachute family or staff member, chances are one of the first folks you’ll encounter at Yellow Parachute is our Student Connector. The role of Student Connector is what sets Yellow Parachute Learning Partners apart from other tutoring companies. Because we believe so strongly in the success of a relationship between Learning Coach and their students, the Student Connector is dedicated to ensuring everyone gets what they need to ensure a terrific experience. 

The relationship between Learning Coach and student is the absolute most important factor in the student’s success, so Jenny follows the Click Process to ensure a match that will click for exponential student growth. The process from initial inquiry to match usually takes a week or less. From there, the student and coach create measurable goals and a plan for action… and we check in to make sure they click!

“One size truely does not fit all. I work to make sure I get to know the strengths and experience for each of our Learning Coaches on the Yellow Parachute Learning Partners side, so that when a family comes to me looking for help for their elementary school student with reading, or a middle/high school student with math, I’ll be able to connect with them with a Learning Coach who will be able to jump in help relieve parent and student stress,” Jenny says. 

Jenny is amazing, and she truly cares about making that critical connection between student and coach to ensure success all the way around. If you’ve been putting off reaching out, or just want to learn more about the services we offer at Yellow Parachute Learning Partners, there’s not time like the present to start working on getting what you need!

Courtney Johnson
Yellow Parachute Learning Partners