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Surviving? Our kids ought to be thriving in school.

Quantum Jump

Do you argue about the same school-related problems every evening? See tears or anger that you don’t understand? Feel like you have to ride your kids’ coattails to get them to try? Or that you’re always on edge about school? Are your kids unmotivated, anxious, or apathetic? Or do they spend hours studying to get the “perfect grade” at the risk of mental health?

I know why.

Whether identified as high potential students, middle-level achievers, or needing supplemental help, peer and school pressures create frustrations for students beyond what we see on the surface of their daily lives.

During an intense six-month study, coaching 6 rising high school seniors on their beliefs about school and learning, we discovered that each student suffered from unrealized pain associated with her school experiences.

We traced these feelings back to early elementary years and discovered that they continued to increase through middle school and high school, making work completion near-impossible in some cases.

While I saw a group of beautiful, capable, and courageous young women, each group member suffered from school-baggage that blinded her from recognizing -- and expressing -- her full potential. What’s more, the group members have known each other for almost all of their lives and never knew each struggled with school issues.

Our work together in Quantum Jump unpacked years of misconception and helped each student discover her gap between school and learning: the place where her needs were not met. (And her feelings of shame and blame in school started.)

Then, in the most powerful way, we replaced the old “I’m not good at this” stories with understanding and tools to support growth mind-set, confidence, and a sense of renewed hope in learning -- and in school. Each young woman has her own set of unique stories, strengths, challenges, and jumping off points for next steps.

And these Agents of Change are united in their pursuit of educational excellence - in a way that is by and for each of them.

Together, we are Quantum Jump, Agents of Change in the Education Revolution. And we’re going to change the way kids feel about school and learning.

Interested in finding out more? We’re ready to help! Join our participant list by texting 612-361-7266 with your name and “I want to hear more about Quantum Jump.”

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Sunday, 05 July 2020