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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Steps

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Imagine that black pair of boots that keep showing up on your Facebook feed. The ones that would go with everything you own, including that outfit for that event next.... next Friday evening?

Or what about that shiny vehicle? The 2019 model with “upgraded features” has also been showing up in your feed—and somehow they know your favorite color combination. If you’re like me, you imagine how your commute could be immensely more enjoyable in this car.

The same goes for that open-house you walked through last week in that neighborhood you love. Maybe you’ve let yourself dream a little. You’ve imagined your kids playing with the dog in the fenced-in backyard. You picture the mudroom and the wide-open kitchen that extends into a family room. And just outside, the most beautiful deck—large enough for grilling and entertaining on summer evenings. Plus, the owners said they’d throw in the space-saving hockey lockers in the garage.

Sounds nice, right? The black boots, the new car, the perfect house. It’s almost like our brains were made to want these things.

That’s not so far off. Advertisers have long known how to take advantage of our emotions to maximize sales. Whole industries were built on the idea that emotions play a big role in our aspirations—for shoes and new cars, yes, but also for education and self-knowledge.

Using the power of our emotions is an important tool for educators as well. At Yellow Parachute, we know it’s a vital tool for anyone who wants to realize their potential. We know it’s possible to put our highly emotional brain to a different kind of imagining. We focus on picturing a life where we actually achieve our goals.  

This is the main idea behind Yellow Parachute’s Student Operating System (SOS). Anyone can set a goal, but SOS shows the path forward to actually achieving your goals. SOS approaches achievement in three steps:

  1. Setting a realistic goal
  2. Making a plan to achieve it, including the flexibility to try again
  3. Building confidence and belief that it can be done

SOS will not just help students achieve their goals, it will also leave them with an understanding of how to meet future goals.  Students and parents describe how SOS is energizing and affirming. Not only can students take credit for their achievements, but parents will also take on a supportive and encouraging role.

No longer will you feel like you’re micromanaging your kiddos.

Spring is the perfect time for students to take control of their goals. Beginning an SOS program now will help you and your kids finish the school year strong.  

Some of our students are even signing on now for SOS Coaching through the summer. They’ll start next year with a set of tools to tell teachers who they are and what they need as learners.

Picture this: you’ll have the time to help your kid plan and prioritize their life based on their goals. Imagine your kid setting academic goals, and checking in with an SOS Coach. It’s possible. We do it every day.

And, best of all, you get to encourage and support your kiddos as they reach for their goals.

...Join us in the SOS revolution

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Sunday, 05 July 2020