With today’s announcement making the temporary closure of schools in Minnesota permanent for the remainder of the school year, you’re all (understandably) facing some additional stress. Let’s face it… distance learning comes with some unique challenges and a solid learning curve.

Just as distance learning has become part of our routines, it’s also important to allow time for yourself each day. Whether you call it “me time” or “self-care,” it’s now more important than ever to worry about yourself, which is a good thing.

I just read a great article from Gretchen Rubin, which explains happiness is not selfish. In fact, if you’re happy, research shows it will rub off on those around you! This sentence really resonated with me:

“By taking steps — actions within our own power — to take care of our bodies, connect with other people, and give ourselves mental breaks from the worries of the day, we help ourselves stay strong to deal with what’s coming — and by doing so, we help ourselves stay strong to take care of other people.”

I love using the Wheel of Life as one of the steps to achieve happiness. This tool helps individuals take inventory of all the important areas in your life. Once you’ve completed the Wheel of Life worksheet, you’ll have a bird’s eye view which makes it easy to identify the areas where you need improvement.

Regardless of how you tackle self-care, the best approach continues to be to take things day by day. If you need help on the distance learning front, please know Yellow Parachute is here for you!

Take care of yourself. We’ll get through this together!

Cara Thorpe
Founder & Visionary
Yellow Parachute Learning Partners