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You’ve set your vision and your goals, and they’re connected to your WHY. You’re diligently working on your plan for the day…and you hit a motivational wall. 

You just can’t get yourself to sit down and concentrate on the task at hand. Why?

Chances are, there’s some sort of emotion connected to the task or situation you’re trying to accomplish. This emotion probably feels real and powerful, but it may be just a feeling. And it may be the obstacle you’re facing when it comes to your productivity, affecting your mindset and, as a result, your motivation. 

Emotions lie at the core of our motivation. They are an amazing, universal part of our humanity, this ability to feel this wide range of reactions to a situation – and remember the feelings later. Emotions that inspire us can provide powerful motivation to reach great success, and they can also get in the way. Your motivation may be suffering because of negative feelings, whether they are fear, worry, or anger. And you may not even realize there is negative chatter inside your head, causing these emotions. 

When you’re stuck in spite of best laid plans, sit back and take stock of the emotions you are feeling. Instead of trying to push past them, ask yourself what you might be thinking about in the back of your mind and whether it’s true. Are you frustrated, angry, or hurt? Is the worry true? 

Chances are, there’s negative chatter inside your head limiting your belief of what you can accomplish today. You may be unintentionally limiting your mindset and motivation. What can you do about it?

Use the tool that’s best for you to walk forward; set a timer for 5-10 minutes and:

Journal; explore the root of the feeling.

Take a walk outside.

Find a positive quotation that reminds you of your vision.

Play music that helps you feel upbeat.

Talk to a trusted friend or mentor. 

Spend time with a beloved pet.

Get in a workout or move your body.

Eat a power snack that fuels your body and brain.

Once you interrupt the negative thought loop,  you’ll be back on track in no time!

Need a place to get started? Download our Wheel of Life tool and complete it together. The 30 minutes you spend will change your lives. After you do the activity, please comment on your experience!

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Cara Thorpe
Founder & Visionary
Yellow Parachute Learning Partners