Your kid works diligently at a certain subject but becomes increasingly frustrated as it fails to click. You gear yourself up for homework battles every afternoon. She struggles to focus and the effort to keep her on task exhausts you both. He’s always been a good student, but algebra this year has shaken his confidence; slipping grades increase his anxiety, and yours. There’s a change in your household, or the challenges are what they’ve always been, but you’re not sure what else to try. Any of this sound familiar? It might be time to call in the jump squad.

Eight Signs It’s Time to Hire a Tutor:

  1. “My child’s difficulty in school is affecting his self-esteem.” Maybe your child already has a learning or attention diagnosis and you’ve adjusted routine and behavioral changes in your home. But when it comes to school, you can see the frustration, anxiety, or discouragement taking a toll on your child’s inner core. A dedicated Learning Coach can help build your child’s confidence and ownership of learning.
  2. “We have the same battle over and over again.” Parents talk about “bracing themselves” for the nightly homework battle. If this gives you a pit in your stomach and you feel depleted before you even start the evening, perhaps as the bus comes around the corner, reach out. Take this one thing off your plate so that you can give your best in other areas.
  3. I want to be the MOM/DAD to my kid.” Is fighting about homework affecting your relationship with your child? Do you find yourself less equipped for the roles of friend, coach, comforter and cheerleader because you’re both tensed over school battles? A Yellow Parachute Coach is able to step into the mediator role. Our Learning Coaches take over the “school” conversation so you can have all the others!
  4. “My kid asked for help.” Sometimes kids know best! If your child can articulate the reasons she wants help, give her a chance to live that choice. Self-advocacy is a huge challenge for many students and may take a lot of courage. Honor this effort and self-knowledge. Try 6-10 weeks of tutoring focused on the area of need your child has identified. Your coach can help you set specific, measurable goals. Asking for and receiving help can foster an empowering experience for your child!
  5. “I noticed that my child is independent at _______but needs my help to _______.” We all have strengths and weaknesses due to our individual interests, genetic dispositions, and executive function profiles. At Yellow Parachute, we make it our mission to understand and work with the unique learning profiles of each of our students. That means we personalize learning plans for every single student,celebrating successes and building scaffolding for the areas that need more support. After all—great minds DON’T think alike.
  6. “We just need a change!” You’ve read the blogs and the books. You’ve tried all the positive parenting solutions. Nothing seems to help. You’re worn out, mired in the chaos of a million demands on your time and energy and unable to get a clear view of the situation. A Learning Coach can offer fresh perspectives on old routines, help you find the root of what’s troubling your student, and design new systems and strategies to inspire learning and growth.
  7. “My child has been sick and missed school.” You’re just keeping up with the endless rounds of laundry, soccer practices, board meetings and math tests when FLU SEASON hits. You get through the days of chicken noodle soup and daytime television, but now your kid is behind, and the rest of life keeps moving at the same grueling pace. A Yellow Parachute coach can jump in when you and your student just need that extra support to get back on track.
  8. “We have best intentions but fall out of the school routine in summer.” DON’T WE ALL. But keeping up a learning habit during the summer can be crucial to students’ long term success and confidence. Summer is the perfect time for your child to get that extra, unpressured support on a subject he struggles with. Or, consider signing your reluctant readers or advanced but unmotivated learners up for our brand new summer enrichment program.

So you’ve decided it’s time to call in extra help—what happens next?

Enter our Student Connector. We know, from more than eighteen years as a learning company, the critical importance of the relationship between student and Learning Coach.

When you contact us, you’ll be put directly in touch with Jenny McKeand, our designated Student Connector. Jenny has background in communications and education, as well as eight years’ experience as a Learning Coach. In your first conversation, Jenny will share detailed information about the YP philosophy, process, and services available, and ask you about your student’s needs and goals for tutoring. She’ll follow up with an intake form, in which you’ll detail not only your student’s struggles, but her successes, motivators, and extracurricular activities, all information that helps us find the best fit for your child. As a key player in the interview and hiring process, Jenny has first-hand knowledge of the strengths and specialties of each Yellow Parachute Learning Coach. From your initial conversation and intake form, she’ll match your child with a coach whose style, skill-set, and personality will serve your child’s unique needs.

Ready to get started? Let’s jump together!