Are you a parent of a college student? You’ve helped them prepare for this next amazing step in their lives. Whether they are headed out of state for the first time or interning at their college residence for the summer, I bet you have hopes for them to achieve their best and feel fulfilled in what they do.

Cara Thorpe, the founder of Yellow Parachute, has partnered with Steve and Rob Shallenberger – Becoming Your Best – to deliver a program to help your college student focus on what matters most to achieve goals, prioritize time, and relieve stress and anxiety. Do What Matters Most combines a self-paced course with 1:1 coaching that you and your college student can take together. It’s not a big commitment, but it can bring a lot of rewards! The course includes two Do What Matters Most participant guides, virtual templates, and two undated planners.

The Do What Matters Most process offers you a way to connect with your young adults in focusing on what is important to them and building concrete goals to get there. It also helps them lead a life by design and concentrate on what’s most important to relieve stress and anxiety. Interested in learning more?

Email our Student Connector, Jenny McKeand, at, or give us a call at 612-361-7266

Need a place to get started? Download our Wheel of Life tool. The 30 minutes you spend will change your lives. After you do the activity, please comment on your experience!

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Cara Thorpe
Founder & Visionary
Yellow Parachute Learning Partners