If you know anything about our family, you may know we spend A LOT of time shuttling our kids to and from their various sports practices. Hockey, hip-hop, hockey, cross-country, hockey, track… physical activity is an important part of our parenting, and we ask our kids to move every day. Organized activities, especially hockey for this particular crew, have provided this opportunity.

That’s why Wednesday night’s announcement that youth sports would be put on “pause” for the next four weeks throughout the state of Minnesota was devastating. I’ve taken time to mourn this temporary loss, and now I will focus on moving my family forward through a plan for the next month to include the all-important activity of moving daily

We’ve rearranged the house to include a crafting area, so the kids won’t spend every waking moment on their devices. Our oldest dedicated time to finding a space in our yard that is flat enough to create a winter skating rink. We’re scrolling through Peloton workouts. We’re looking for TV shows and movies we can watch together as a family. 

We’re making a mind shift and making the best of what’s available to get what we need,  because there’s no use in remaining focused on things that are simply out of our control. 

How does this conversation about sports tie in with learning? Dr. Pete Brettingen, founder and owner of Lake Life Chiropractic, a neurologically based chiropractic office, so poignantly stated in our conversation on Thursday, “The best thing you can do for your brain is move your body.” And we’re all taking the time, in my family of 5, to flex our muscles to make this happen. (Even the dogs!)

Speaking of muscles, at Yellow Parachute we talk about cultivating grittiness. The year 2020 certainly has given us all ample opportunities to work this muscle to build passion and perseverance over time. And when opportunities are taken away, we make the mindshift necessary to get what we need.

We’re remaining positive and moving forward. Because where, really, would the alternative leave us?

Don’t know what exactly to do with your new-found “gift” of time? Let’s make the most of the opportunity to give that gift of time away to others. Shop local. Buy gifts to give to friends. I’ve been dropping them off on my friends doorsteps. IT GETS ME OUT OF THE HOUSE and brings me joy to brighten the days of those I love. 

Hang in there, stay gritty.  We’re in this together. 

Cara Thorpe
Founder & Visionary
Yellow Parachute Learning Partners