Eastern Carver County Schools’ District 112 has made the decision to move all students to the distance-learning beginning next week, based on the number of positive Covid-19 cases in our county and staffing difficulties at our buildings. There are many, MANY other districts who either already have made, or are considering, the same call. 

Although this is the right move to help keep the spread at a minimum during what is predicted to be a massive spike in positive cases and an effort to help keep the learning happening for kids and teachers who continue to be quarantined, this is the last thing any of us – students, parents, teachers, administrators – wanted. 

Yellow Parachute Learning Partners’ flexible learning models can help guide you through this transition and help you move through the disappointment, frustration, and fear of the unknown. Here’s how:

  1. Distance Learning Drop-In – As school districts shift to distance learning, our kids struggle to adapt to kitchen tables, desks which have been set up in bedrooms, and spaces in our homes serving as impromptu classrooms. They lack basic study and organizational tools to help them stay engaged in learning.Yellow Parachute provides a space dedicated to learning at the Granary in the Chaska Mill. Our distance learning drop-in punch card model allows your kids to get out of your house, get ahead in their classes, get feedback from teachers and peers, and get help!

    We offer a safe, small-group learning environment where our Learning Coaches are available to help whenever your students need help. This is for ALL students in grades k-12. Parents of k-5-ers, check in with us to get out of the house and get an extra hand with managing lesson time.Don’t take my word alone to understand the good work and the great vibe we’re building at The Granary. Check out this video of Davis, one of our Granary students, who explains why he likes this option. Watch the video here.

  2. 1:1 & Small Group Tutoring – At Yellow Parachute Learning Partners, our individualized tutoring model bridges the gap between the classroom and individual students’ needs, from kindergarten through 12th grade… and beyond. Most importantly, we teach how to learn, not just what to learn. Your student gets the important organization and study-coaching needed for success beyond geometry. This personalized instruction empowers students to become confident, inspired learners.
  3. New “Parent Resources” Page – Yellow Parachute Learning Partners has curated tip- sheets, videos, and blog posts on topics designed to help you and your learners. We’ve compiled all of this content in one place, and you can find it on the Parent Resources page on YellowParachute.com. If you don’t see the content you’re looking for, please let me know; we’ll add it!

Dealing with COVID-related changes can be hard and heavy. I’m feeling this as a parent, daughter, educator, and friend. And we know that distance learning can provide some unique challenges to both students and their families. Please know you don’t have to go it alone and that Yellow Parachute is here to help you take this leap! We’ll get through this together.

Cara Thorpe
Founder & Visionary
Yellow Parachute Learning Partners