Great Minds Don’t Think Alike…
We help your student increase motivation and eliminate stress by learning to do what matters most.

Parents, do these sound familiar?

“School is too important to let things fall apart.”

Do you have clear expectations for your child’s academic performance but struggle with how to both support and challenge them? And, their heavy academic or athletic schedules offer little time for slowing down to figure things out.

“We need a routine that lasts.”

Have you tried creating and recreating an organization system for your child? The color-coded folders, calendars, lists and schedules work for a week, and then the system breaks down.

“They don’t listen to me.”

You’re super-successful at what you do and are a pretty amazing parent. But that doesn’t change the fact that you may “know nothing” when it comes to giving your kids advice. Trust us, Yellow Parachute Coaches experience the same thing in our homes, though we’re experts on this subject matter. Sometimes you just need a different voice to say the same thing. We know, you know. Wink, wink.

“I just want to be Mom.”

You are extremely invested in your child’s well-being but hit a wall when it comes to communicating with them about school. Rather than butt heads and bang fists, delegate the home + school connection to the student and their learning coach.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our approach is built on the program: Do What Matters Most

We are not a band-aid approach; we fill gaps by building habits that lead to success for a lifetime.

Yellow Parachute began in 1999 with Cara Thorpe’s vision of helping students build hope and belief.

And though this vision has evolved over time into helping students develop unique strengths and passions to serve others, the foundation of building hope has remained.

With this in mind, Cara recognized the Do What Matters Most training, created by Steve and Rob Shallenberger, as a set of simple, powerful habits to help students build hope and belief in themselves, transforming a student’s motivation, study skills, and time management.

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Partner with us to help your student get unstuck
and start to live the 3 principles:

Lead with a Vision

Manage with a Plan

Prioritize Time

By infusing Do What Matters Most principles into our sessions, we help students.

  • Eliminate stress and distractions
  • Increase motivation and productivity
  • Achieve goals

  • Improve organization

  • Increase confidence

  • Live with purpose

What Students are Saying

“I realized that if I do better in school, I feel better about myself.”

“I have a goal of not just getting it done but doing my best work.”

“I thought of role models who are good in sports and academics to help me focus on what I need to do.”

Your family is too important to put discomfort on hold

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