Grit & Grace On-Demand Video Series

The Brave and Authentic Art of Mothering Well

Wheel of Life

This 5-Part On-Demand Video Series Includes:

  • Personal Introduction from Cara

  • Why Is It Important to Find Your WHY?

  • Part 1: Discovering Your WHY

  • Part 2: Using Your Why to Create Your Vision: WHO do you want to be?

  • Part 3: Using Your WHO to Choose Your WHAT

My name is Cara Thorpe. I’m the founder and visionary of Yellow Parachute Learning Partners, we’re a team of 50 Learning coaches who network across the twin cities and the US to provide both in person and remote learning opportunities for students both during and beyond the school day.

I’ve started with a 3-part series that follows the work I’ve been doing over the past five years to take care of myself and protect my creativity as a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and I look forward to sharing with you in hopes that my experiences may assure you that you’re not alone and offer ideas to seek this fulfillment in your own life.

-Cara Thorpe, Founder & CEO

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