Great minds don’t
think alike…

we teach HOW to learn,
not just WHAT to learn.

Welcome to Yellow Parachute Learning Partners

Your Best Choice for Tutoring, Teaching, and ADHD Coaching Since 1999
Learn Success-Mindset, Skillset, and Habits for Life

Yellow Parachute helps students, parents, teachers, and executives

get what they need to succeed now, prepare for future choices,

and sustain purposeful, fulfilling lives.

Like Parachutes, Great Minds
Work Best OPEN.

Six Ways We Work With Clients

Student Coaching
(aka Tutoring)

Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Language coaching, combined with the essential skill of learning how to learn.

ADHD/Executive Function Coaching

Harness ADHD symptoms as superpowers through an Executive Function Skills Lens to build vision, goals, and action.


Test Prep

Get guidance in deciding which test is right for you and when to take it. Become a more strategic thinker and confident test- taker.

Coaching and Training for Students, Parents,Teachers, + Leaders


Customize an EF Skills Training or Workshop to meet your team’s needs.

Parent Coaching

Hone skills for how to talk to your student so they will listen!

1:1 or small group.

Self-Paced Learning

Do you want to learn about, grow, or implement EF Skills?

Join our virtual community & start learning NOW!

Level-Up your organization, time-management, leadership skills. You will gain:

“Thinking” Skills – Mindset


“Learning” Skills – Skillset

“Doing” Skills – Habits

Thinking Skills: A Possibilities-Focused Mindset

Great minds don’t think alike.

Gain awareness of what is uniquely important and motivating to you.

Great minds work best open.

Discover how your interests, strengths, weaknesses and current habits line up with your executive function skills profile. Then decide what matters most to you to change!

Learning Skills: Executive Function Skillset

What is Executive Function?

Executive function has been compared to the conductor of an orchestra.

Learn how to develop your executive function to conduct your own orchestra – to interpret the music, set the tempo, and direct the musicians – to create the music of your life.

Executive Function and Leadership Skills become your tools to self-directed learning and self-determined living.

Doing Skills: Habits to Achieve What Matters Most

The secret of the MOST successful people?

How they spend their time. And how you spend your time is largely regulated by executive function!

Our training partners have studied the 12 most important habits of the top performing leaders in the world.

Create accountability, consistency, and fulfillment in every aspect of your life.

WHAT MAKES Yellow Parachute your best choice?

Our Revolutionary Approach to Learning

Employer surveys show that growth mindset, work ethic, and the ability to work with others have become more important than textbook knowledge to a graduate’s post-college success.

YP’s emphasis on executive function and leadership skills prepares students with the skills they need now and into the future.

“We have to start looking at children and helping them to identify their skills and talents, giving them the tools to acquire knowledge because jobs that we may have in twenty-five years may not be the jobs you envisioned in fifty years.” – Thought Leader Dr. Dana Ardi

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