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Welcome to Yellow Parachute Learning Partners…

The Twin Cities' brightest solution for K-12 Tutoring and Test Prep

We help invested parents raise resilient kids by using simple, powerful, tools to teach the science of learning how to learn.

One size does not fit all. And learning is too precious an endeavor to waste on conflict between parent and child.

Your YP Learning Coach jumps in to relieve parent/student stress, provide weekly tutoring sessions, and equip families with tools to transform their relationships on the path to a student’s success.


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Personalized tutoring for Kindergarten through 12th grade based on your unique needs

How It Works

Test Prep

Test Prep

Our programs prepare students beyond the test and improve their ACT/SAT scores

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We Are...

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1:1 tutoring with the network and knowledge base of a multi-tutor company

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Our flexible model lets us meet at times and places that work for your schedule

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We look at the whole student to create an individualized learning plan

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Many of our students stay with us from elementary school through ACT/SAT prep

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Results Driven

Building student success and confidence both in and outside the classroom