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Great minds don’t
think alike…

We teach students how to learn not just what to learn
to build success from the inside – out.

About Tutoring

Welcome to Yellow Parachute Learning Partners…

The Twin Cities’ brightest solution for K-12 Tutoring and Test Prep

We help invested parents raise resilient kids by using simple, powerful, tools to teach the science of learning how to learn.

One size does not fit all. And learning is too precious an endeavor to waste on conflict between parent and child.

Your YP Learning Coach jumps in to relieve parent/student stress, provide weekly tutoring sessions, and equip families with tools to transform their relationships on the path to a student’s success.

Get To Know Us

We offer a variety of both paid and
free products and services in four categories.

Learning Coaching
(aka Tutoring)

Weekly tutoring sessions that equip students with the tools they need to transform their success and relieve parent/student stress.

How It Works


Our programs improve student’s ACT/SAT scores. Beyond the scores, students become better strategic thinkers and have improved time management.

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ADHD & Life

Life-coaches specifically trained in working with those who have ADHD will help you unwrap your unique gifts and passions and use them to build success.

See What’s Possible


Cara Thorpe, Founder and Visionary, shares the message that “you are not alone,” with whomever is experiencing the struggle of a student who’s great mind doesn’t think alike.

Meet the Founder
Welcoming New Students
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    WE ARE…


    1:1 tutoring with the network and knowledge base of a multi-tutor company


    Our flexible model lets us meet at times and places that work for your schedule


    We look at the whole student to create an individualized learning plan


    Many of our students stay with us from elementary school through ACT/SAT prep

    Results Driven

    Building student success and confidence both in and outside the classroom

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