quan·tum jump

    an abrupt transition of an electron, atom, or molecule from one quantum state to another, with the absorption or emission of a quantum.
    a huge, often sudden, increase or change in something.
    “the quantum jump in Jamie’s grades this semester is extremely encouraging”

We help you make the quantum jump from feeling unfulfilled to unstoppable.

What Can Quantum Jump Coaching Do for People with ADHD & Executive Function Gaps?

Quantum Jump EF + Leadership Skills Coaching is for Everyone: Parents, Students, Leaders… You!

🛑 The Problem: Executive Function gaps cause a mismatch between the inside and outside: what a person intends to do (inside) does not match their actions (outside).

These gaps also cause a slower development rate of the skills that help with decision making, regulating our emotions, planning, and following through – Executive Function Skills.

Neurodiverse individuals often feel harshly judged, unfairly treated, and often experience co-occurring symptoms like anxiety and depression.

Executive Function gaps are not personality flaws or character deficits.

🎯 The Solution: Greater predictors of success than IQ, Executive Function Skills can be learned.

Executive Function Skills Coaching has been proven to greatly improve the quality of life for people of all ages!

The ADHD Iceberg Model below depicts the difference between behaviors that happen on the surface versus what is really happening for an individual with executive function gaps.

The ADHD Iceberg Model

ADHD Iceberg

Quantum Jump Coaching Builds

  • Self Awareness

  • Clearer Judgment

  • Self- regulation
  • Self- advocacy

  • Improved Mental Health

  • Better Relationships

  • Self-motivation

  • Time management

  • Confidence

  • Sense of Purpose

  • Greater Engagement in Life

  • Productivity

Quantum Jump Coaching helps people of all ages move from feeling unfulfilled to unstoppable!

Thinking Skills

Learning Skills

Doing Skills

Executive Function Skills Lens + The Quantum JUMP

You may not realize it, but you have powerful leadership potential.


Leadership is far more than something associated with age, a title, or position. It is the ability to influence and guide others positively, to develop their greatest strengths.

Whether you are a student, parent, educator, or business leader, Quantum Jump Coaching will help you move from feeling unfulfilled, disorganized, lost, frustrated, and disengaged to using your leadership potential.


Mindset, Skillset, Habits

ADHD / Executive Function Skills and Leadership Development programming meets you where you are and helps you gain new levels of understanding, self-compassion, and perseverance in achieving what matters most.

Quantump Jump Coaching creates a universal, common denominator to help individuals coordinate the thinking, learning, and doing skills to achieve fulfillment in school, career, and beyond.


No. We are able to work with individuals to bring awareness and change to behaviors and habits regardless of whether or not they have an official diagnosis. Some clients begin coaching before they seek a professional opinion while others discover the opportunity for coaching after a diagnosis.

We strongly recommend a 6 week period of meeting once a week with a coach, to start the coaching process. This recommendation is based on coaching data gathered over several years from different coaching sources.

Therapy is focused on understanding how past experiences influence current behaviors. Healing the past in order to regenerate possibilities for the future.

Coaching is future-focused. You can dip into the past, but it’s more about moving forward.
We as individuals are resourceful and full. We can remove our own obstacles when given the capability in the right setting.

You are in charge! Each person with ADHD has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses.
The coaching curriculum takes each of these into account.
The tool-set adapts to each person’s unique needs.

Connect to Discuss the Option That Works Best for You!

1ndividual Coaching

Group Coaching/Courses

Leadership Training

Do these words sound familiar?

“I’m sick of arguing.”

Trying to – quite literally – save our kids from their own bad habits can feel like Groundhog’s Day. Do you remember the movie starring Phill Murray? You wake up. and it feels like the same day all over again.

“I can’t tell if they really need help or are just lazy.”

You have clearly communicated expectations for your child’s academic performance but struggle with how to both support and challenge them when they have failing grades — and don’t do what it takes to change them.

“We are paying for extra support, but my kid isn’t seeking the help they need..”

You’ve chosen to pay for a private school that provides the extra support your student needs, but in spite of all of the resources available, your student is floundering.

“We need a routine that lasts.”

The color-coded folders, calendars, lists and schedules work for a week, and then the system breaks down.

“They don’t listen to me.”

You’re super-successful at what you do and a pretty amazing parent. But that doesn’t change the fact that you may “know nothing” when it comes to giving your kids advice. Trust us, Yellow Parachute Coaches experience the same thing in our homes, though we’re experts on this subject matter. Sometimes you just need a different voice to say the same thing. We know, you know. Wink, wink!

“I just want to be Mom.”

You are extremely invested in your child’s well-being but hit a wall when it comes to communicating with them about school. Rather than butt heads and bang fists, delegate the home + school connection to the student and their learning coach.

By infusing Quantum JumpTM Executive Function Skills Coaching into every session, Yellow Parachute Learning Coaches help students, parents, teachers, and leaders:

  • Eliminate stress and distractions
  • Increase motivation and productivity
  • Achieve goals

  • Improve organization

  • Increase confidence

  • Live with purpose

What Students are Saying

“I realized that if I do better in school, I feel better about myself.”

“I have a goal of not just getting it done but doing my best work.”

“I thought of role models who are good in sports and academics to help me focus on what I need to do.”

ALL Students Need Executive Function SKills

According to the 2023 Gradient Learning Poll:

of teachers report lack of instrinsic student motivation in school
of teachers are worried about student engagement in school
of teachers say that schools should make it a top priority to get students the tools they need to suceed

Time spent on Executive Function Skills is time well spent!

Don’t let stressful patterns get in the way of your relationship.

Contact us today, so we can jump in to help you get what you need for success!