quan·tum jump

    an abrupt transition of an electron, atom, or molecule from one quantum state to another, with the absorption or emission of a quantum.
    a huge, often sudden, increase or change in something.
    “the quantum jump in Jamie’s grades this semester is extremely encouraging”

We help learners make the quantum jump from feeling unfulfilled to awesome.


Quantum Jump Provides Executive Function Skills Coaching For:




ADHD + Executive function weaknesses are not character-flaws, laziness, or bad-behaviors.

Quantum Jump Programs meet participants where they are – to guide them in setting goals and practicing skills to build fulfillment in every aspect of life.

How Does It Work?

Coaching begins with building Executive Function Skills awareness.

Participants discover the power that they have to make change, to become more of who they want to be.

Among the questions answered are:

  • Who do you want to become tomorrow?
  • What do you want your friends and family to say about you?
  • What can you do today, to get closer to the person you want to become?

When you identify the things that matter most, you can use this knowledge to guide your goals and actions to make the most of your time and efforts in every aspect of life. And in the process of making the most of your time, your actions can fulfill two important purposes:

You will make choices that get you closer to the person you want to become.

You will make a positive impact on the people around you, in all areas of your life!

What Can Coaching Do for People with ADHD & ADHD Symptoms?

Executive Function Skills Coaching is for Everyone: Parents, Students, Leaders… You!

A good coach can lead you to your goals by helping you develop:

  • Planning and management skills

  • Healthier self-esteem & relationships

  • Clearer judgement

  • Self-motivation

  • Time management skills

  • A greater sense of self-efficacy

ADHD Iceberg

The Quantum JUMP

You may not realize it, but you have powerful leadership potential. And you are about to develop it.

Leadership is far more than something associated with age, a title, or position. Leadership, by definition, is the ability to influence and guide other people positively, to develop their greatest strengths.

Successful leaders, therefore, develop the knowledge, skills, and tools to invest in themselves as they learn how to guide (lead), influence, and invest in others.

We believe that, through Quantum Jump Coaching, people of all ages can develop their leadership potential!

With this in mind, our programming meets you where you are and helps you gain new levels of understanding, self-compassion, and perseverance in achieving what matters most.

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Working Memory

Mental Flexibility

Self Control


No. We are able to work with individuals to bring awareness and change to behaviors and habits regardless of whether or not they have an official diagnosis. Some clients begin coaching before they seek a professional opinion while others discover the opportunity for coaching after a diagnosis.

We strongly recommend a 6 week period of meeting once a week with a coach, to start the coaching process. This recommendation is based on coaching data gathered over several years from different coaching sources.

Therapy is focused on understanding how past experiences influence current behaviors. Healing the past in order to regenerate possibilities for the future.

Coaching is future-focused. You can dip into the past, but it’s more about moving forward.
We as individuals are resourceful and full. We can remove our own obstacles when given the capability in the right setting.

You are in charge! Each person with ADHD has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses.
The coaching curriculum takes each of these into account.
The tool-set adapts to each person’s unique needs.

Parents, do these sound familiar?

“School is too important to let things fall apart.”

Do you have clear expectations for your child’s academic performance but struggle with how to both support and challenge them? And, their heavy academic or athletic schedules offer little time for slowing down to figure things out.

“We need a routine that lasts.”

Have you tried creating and recreating an organization system for your child? The color-coded folders, calendars, lists and schedules work for a week, and then the system breaks down.

“They don’t listen to me.”

You’re super-successful at what you do and are a pretty amazing parent. But that doesn’t change the fact that you may “know nothing” when it comes to giving your kids advice. Trust us, Yellow Parachute Coaches experience the same thing in our homes, though we’re experts on this subject matter. Sometimes you just need a different voice to say the same thing. We know, you know. Wink, wink.

“I just want to be Mom.”

You are extremely invested in your child’s well-being but hit a wall when it comes to communicating with them about school. Rather than butt heads and bang fists, delegate the home + school connection to the student and their learning coach.

By infusing Quantum JumpTM Executive Function Skills Coaching into our sessions, we help students:

  • Eliminate stress and distractions
  • Increase motivation and productivity
  • Achieve goals

  • Improve organization

  • Increase confidence

  • Live with purpose

What Sets Us Apart?

Our approach to teaching Executive Function Skills is inspired by the highly respected global business-training program: Do What Matters Most, created by Rob and Steve Shallenberger.

A Certified Do What Matters Most and Becoming Your Best Trainer herself, Cara Thorpe adapted her training to create a timeline for the teaching and practice of Executive Function Habits, called Quantum Jump.

Cara Thorpe is 1 of 35 independent Do What Matters Most trainers in the world.

Contact us today, so we can jump in to help you do what matters most!


What Students are Saying

“I realized that if I do better in school, I feel better about myself.”

“I have a goal of not just getting it done but doing my best work.”

“I thought of role models who are good in sports and academics to help me focus on what I need to do.”

Don’t let missed assignments, undiagnosed difficulties, or school stress get in the way of your happiness.

Contact us today, so we can jump in to help you become your favorite version of yourself!