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I feel like we are getting our child back. The one with less anger and more joy and the self confidence to look people in the eye and share his enormous smile. Optimism, lots and lots of support and individualized learning and scaffolding.

Yellow Parachute has been able to provide the 1:1 learning experience my son wasn’t able to get in the classroom. The tutors have been knowledgeable about my son’s particular challenges, which has given him a sense of learning from a compassionate friend.

Yellow Parachute meets each student where they are academically and helps them to move forward. Identifying their strengths and celebrating those. Identifying their weaknesses and figuring out how to best help each student.

The biggest part is the tutors are impartial third parties who are there solely to help my child grow in his writing. They are connecting with him at his level and he is seeing the results in his grades. Seeing the results of his work is the most important part.

The tutor has been punctual for appointments. He was also very dedicated to making sure my son received the instruction he needed.

Yellow Parachute is different than the others. They took the time to listen to our needs and tailor the right staff to the issue. We have used them for class specific tutoring and for ACT test prep.

Yellow parachute attempts to meet the student on their terms and find the unique tools that will make them successful.

Our Yellow Parachute Tutor has given our student extra confidence she needs to tackle math. We have seen her confidence grow over the last couple months as well as her advancement in math facts.

Yellow Parachute is focused and up to date on executive functioning being a cause of many of the school issues in kids today. This focus helps us as parents feel comfortable that our kids will get the surgical approach to solving them.

Yellow Parachute is not your usual out-of-the-box tutoring. Not the neighbor kid who’s “smart.”

Several competitive tutoring companies are out there but not many provide personal in person instruction like Yellow parachute.

They will take on hard cases for tutoring and are good with kids that are different learners. Gave us the ability to make choices as parents in regards to progression and something that works within our budget.

Yellow parachute meets the student where the student is at. That’s huge for success!

Individual tutoring in the comfort of your own home. Fair pricing and weekly notes to update you on your child’s progress.

Not cookie cutter.

We have had incredibly good matches. Whatever the process is to pair the tutors with the students is fantastic. The knowledge of the tutors as well as their ability to connect with their students is what has been key to the success for my son.

Yellow Parachute finds creative solutions to teach kids who do not learn in a traditional way/ format. They are very inclusive, very welcoming and inviting.

Our tutor was fantastic! I also know a couple of your tutors personally and they are wonderful people.

Each tutor zeroed in on my child’s strengths and weaknesses within the first or second meeting and then tailored the study sessions to show my kids what they were each capable of and also challenged each of them in ways that were appropriate given their abilities.

We struggle with ownership and responsibility for homework outside of the teacher assisted environment. At home, my student does not always remember he has work to finish or that it is important or necessary to complete all tasks from school.

ACT Training in Eden Prairie, MN

My daughter had taken the ACT a few times and achieved a score of 28. While the score was great she needed a minimum of 30 to be considered for the university of her choice. We hired YP based on a friends recommendation and, after tutoring, my daughter reached the score of 32! Thank you Yellow Parachute! The friend who recommended this service to us saw a five point increase in her daughter’s ACT test score. Job well done!

Sandy Gazda Myles – Eden Prairie, MN 55344

Children Tutoring in Minneapolis, MN

Yellow Parachute’s approach to learning and children is exactly what I was looking for when was looking for tutoring for 3 of our children. I hired them because of there ability and drive to see each child AND each family as unique. There is no one size fits all approach. As will most siblings, my 3 could not be more different in personality and learning style. Yellow Parachute adapted to our kids vs our kids adapting to one teaching style. And just a BIG bonus-they all achieved higher test scores than what we imagine.

Suzanne McKay Van Dyck – Minneapolis, MN 55420