Executive Function Skills Based Tutoring and ADHD Coaching

Focused on Teaching How to Learn Not Just What to Learn

Parent Coaching

Move Your Students From Button Pushers to Problem Solvers with the Power of Executive Function Skills

Over 75% of parents surveyed said they want to learn more about how to coach their kids with Executive Function Skills. These skills include:
  • Planning, Studying, Organizing Materials
  • Prioritizing Time, Staying Focused
  • Coping with Anxiety, Staying Positive
  • Communicating with Teachers
  • Staying Motivated
The most common reasons parents asked for help:
  • Stop homework meltdowns
  • Avoid last minute all-night-projects
  • Stop the constant arguing
  • Build positive relationships
  • Raise successful kids in college and job choices
  • Mental health: increase self-esteem/decrease stress
  • Knowing their kids will be OK

The Problem for Parents

You don’t know how to help. Nothing seems to work, and you are sick of arguing about school. You try to back off and let your student handle the work themselves, but then you find yourself swooping in at the end of the grading period. This cycle can continue for years, unless you take steps to stop it.

Students with ADHD and Executive Function Deficits are predictably unpredictable; this is the nature of the symptoms. Planning, organizing, remembering, and juggling multiple tasks are difficult for ADHDers. Nearly everything students do in school requires these tasks.

Parent coaching gives you tools to understand more about what your student experiences in school and how to help them get what they need to be successful in a way that helps restore and maintain your relationship.

Student Coaching

Great Minds Don’t Think Alike. We help students open their minds to the possibilities of successful learning…and a fulfilled life!

The Problem for Students

You don’t know how to ask for help with skills you don’t know you are missing. Something is wrong, but you don’t know what it is or how to solve it on your own!

Yellow Parachute Coaches help students understand who they are as learners and how to get what they need to be successful. This goes beyond subject matter to understanding what motivates them and helps them hold themselves accountable.

Coaching can change a student’s learning trajectory! The Coach/Student relationship is so important, we’ve dedicated a “Student Connector” to help connect you with the service that best suits your needs as a student, parent, or teacher.

With ADHD Coaching and EF Coaching, Students have reported specific improvement in:

  • Showing work (math)

  • Slowing down or speeding up (efficiency)
  • Reading the math problem (working carefully)
  • Trying something even though you don’t know it
  • Asking questions
  • Paying attention in class
  • Knowing it is OK to struggle; you can still succeed
  • Re-checking work to find mistakes
  • New strategies for problem solving
  • Adding math units to story problems (attention to detail)
  • Attitude
  • Grades: C/D to A/B

Yellow Parachute has helped me organize, study, and prepare for upcoming tests. I have also learned to be my own best advocate!

10th Grade Student, Orono, MN
We have seen results. Learning does not happen in a linear fashion, so it is often difficult to judge progress along the way. But in each case, we have seem clear growth in our children…both in what they have learned and how they are learning it.
Parent, Edina, MN

Your company’s services are above and beyond, especially when it comes to finding high-quality assistance quickly.

Parent, White Bear Lake, MN
We LOVE Yellow Parachute! My son told us it’s the BEST teacher he’s EVER had! Hands down TOP NOTCH!!!