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SOS: How to get your parents and teachers off your back and on your side!

Yellow Parachute’s proprietary Student Operating System curriculum, or SOS, combines education and social research, business practice, psychology, and 20+ years of experience working with students ages 4-18 in and out of the classroom setting to create a whole-student approach to success.

The program may be taught as a general study-skills and work-habits building class for a group or used as an intervention course for individuals or small groups.

Yellow Parachute SOS training focuses on philosophy, language, and strategies to develop the metacognitive processes necessary to:

  1. Set realistic goals
  2. Figure out how to achieve the goals, including the ability to stay flexible and develop alternative routes
  3. Understand and believe in their ability to achieve success

How Yellow Parachute Helps…

Students involved in after-school tutoring demonstrated 2-5 times the growth projected by their fall assessments. For this year, we have added additional progress-monitoring and professional development tools to further enhance our program’s impact and communication with parents, teachers, school administrators, and board members.

Improved Grades
Increased Confidence


34 surveys collected

STUDENT FEEDBACK from 2015-2016 afterschool tutoring

Improved Grades
Increased Confidence


19 surveys collected

Scholars reported specific improvement in:

  • Showing work (math)

  • Slowing down or speeding up (efficiency)
  • Reading the math problem (working carefully)
  • Trying something even though you don’t know it
  • Asking questions
  • Paying attention in class
  • Knowing it is OK to struggle; you can still succeed
  • Re-checking work to find mistakes
  • New strategies for problem solving
  • Adding math units to story problems (attention to detail)
  • Attitude
  • Grades: C/D to A/B


Yellow Parachute is the BRIGHT spot in your educational story. Our individualized tutoring model, founded on twenty years of direct experience and current research in education, sociology, psychology, and neuroscience, bridges the gap between the classroom and individual students’ needs, from kindergarten through 12th grade and beyond.

Our approach emphasizes the reciprocal relationship between Personal Learning Coach and student: we understand the Learning Coach not as rescuer parachuting in to save the day, but as jump instructor, leaping alongside the student to provide instruction and encouragement while sharing the thrills and risks of learning. Our innovative, holistic, and personalized instruction empowers students to become confident, inspired learners.

As the coach/student relationship is fundamental to our model, we take the job of finding the right “fit” seriously. When you contact us, you’ll be put directly in touch with Jenny McKeand, our designated Student Connector. With a background in communications and education, as well as eight years as a Learning Coach, Jenny will work with you to match your child with a coach whose style, skill-set, and personality will serve your child’s unique needs.

Yellow Parachute has helped me organize, study, and prepare for upcoming tests. I have also learned to be my own best advocate!

10th Grade Student, Orono, MN
We have seen results. Learning does not happen in a linear fashion, so it is often difficult to judge progress along the way. But in each case, we have seem clear growth in our children…both in what they have learned and how they are learning it.
Parent, Edina, MN

Your company’s services are above and beyond, especially when it comes to finding high-quality assistance quickly.

Parent, White Bear Lake, MN
We LOVE Yellow Parachute! My son told us it’s the BEST teacher he’s EVER had! Hands down TOP NOTCH!!!


To meet the urgent need for robust, personalized instruction to close the achievement gap, Yellow Parachute partners with individual schools in an after school tutoring program. In this way, we extend our innovative, personalized model to meet student needs on a larger scale, carefully measuring progress and reflecting on student goals and needs to exceed growth expectations.

Yellow Parachute collaborates with school administrators, teachers, literacy and math specialists across the Twin Cities to implement a drop-in tutoring model that allows us to screen, instruct, monitor, and communicate progress for students whose test scores fall below grade level benchmarks.

Working in partnership with a school in North Minneapolis in recent school years, we were able to do the following:

  • Identify around forty 7th and 8th students yearly who were not achieving grade level expectations according to Fall MAP score projections correlated with the Spring MCA
  • Instruct students in 3 different student:teacher ratios according to student need
  • Provide reading support 2-3 days per week and math support 2-3 days per week
  • Meet with students from November through May during the school year, making progress toward grade level expectations

We have returned this school year, adding 5th and 6th grade students to 7th and 8th grades, more than doubling the number of students served.

The Problem

57% of students in Minneapolis and St. Paul areas met 3rd grade reading benchmarks last year, which means that over 43 out of every 100 students was not on track with literacy by this crucial grade.

In the most recent school year only 58% of Minnesota’s 8th graders met state expectations in math. The concentration of underachieving students falls within urban, low-income populations and affects students of color more greatly than white students.

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