What are the possibilities?

OUR MISSION to Change the World

We believe:

Executive Function Skills are more predictive of success than IQ or socioeconomic status.

We are not born with executive functioning skills but develop them over time.

Skills can be learned.

Learning happens when we balance supports and challenges.

Developing EF Skills develops social emotional and leadership skills.


Cara Thorpe founded Yellow Parachute Learning Partners in 1999, during her second year as a classroom teacher. She leaned in to her creative strengths help neurodiverse students discover learning on their own terms.

In 2004, Cara began recruiting passionate educators to join her. Each YP Learning Coach specializes in their own unique niche. The team links arms to train on executive function skills.

As Cara collected her list of degrees, certificates, and certifications, she was able to diagnose her own ADHD and anxiety symptoms. She and her husband (also an ADHDer) have 3 wonderful ADHDers, whose symptoms play out differently for each of them. So that’s a family of 5! – 7 if you include the dogs. Cara’s personal journey with her own children has influenced her brain research and advocacy for students, parents, and teachers to gain more information about executive function skills.

Yellow Parachute recruits talented teachers, coaches, social workers, psychologists, and relationship-builders to serve our clients in a variety of ways. The Yellow Parachute team meets regularly as a professional coaching group to refine our practices – teaching students how to learn, to develop the mindset, skillset, and habits they need for fulfillment in every aspect of life.

Yellow Parachute has partnered with the Anoka-Hennepin, Eastern Carver County Schools (District 112), and several local private schools to provide scholarshipped tutoring and after-school programming.


COACHING (TUTORING)Our Yellow Parachute Learning Coaches provide highly personalized “traditional” services for students in grades K-12 and college. We have tutors who specialize in all subjects and coaches who teach generalized skills such as time management, prioritizing, and study skills.

TEST PREP – Yellow Parachute’s ACT, SAT and Advanced Placement (AP) test preparation curriculum helps students prepare beyond the test. Students say they have become better overall test takers, strategic thinkers, and have improved time management and confidence in learning.

ADHD ACADEMIC & EXECUTIVE FUNCTION SKILLS COACHINGQuantum Jump helps clients unpack feelings of frustration, being stuck or unworthy, so they can see themselves as they really are: capable, worthy, and whole.

Yellow Parachute Quantum Jump coaches are specifically trained to understand how ADHD symptoms and Executive Function weaknesses become obstacles to learning and how to help students overcome them.

We Teach How to Learn Not Just What to Learn.

Like Parachutes, Great Minds Work Best Open.