ACT Test Prep for Students With a Goal of 20-23

  • Small-group discussion and individual practice
  • Strategies, and techniques specific to student’s needs
  • Build work habits to use in highschool & college
  • Practice showing what you know on tests
  • Track ACT growth with each session
  • Proctored practice test (November) included

10 week course — 1x per week

90 minutes ACT, 30 minutes study skills, strategies, work habits

Contact Jenny McKeand for more information 612.361.7266 or click the contact us button to get in touch.

Limited to 6 students – reserve your spot today!

Learning How to Learn:

Get your parents and teachers off your back and on your side.

  • Beat procrastination!
  • Practice Executive Function Skills
  • Build learning & school performance
  • Learn memory tricks for studying
  • Write a personal Plan & goals for the school year
  • Feel more confident about your time management and organization – no more missing assignments!

8 week course — 2x per week

Contact Jenny McKeand for more information 612.361.7266 or click the contact us button to get in touch.

Limited to 8 students per class – reserve your spot today!

What’s your Executive Function Super Power?

Where do you need to take off the cape and ask for help? Our Executive Function coaching is grounded in the belief that we all deserve to know what we know, who we are, when we need to ask for help, and how to do it.


SOS: How to get your parents and teachers off your back and on your side!

Yellow Parachute’s proprietary Student Operating System curriculum, or SOS, combines education and social research, business practice, psychology, and 20+ years of experience working with students ages 4-18 in and out of the classroom setting to create a whole-student approach to success.

The program may be taught as a general study-skills and work-habits building class for a group or used as an intervention course for individuals or small groups.

Yellow Parachute SOS training focuses on philosophy, language, and strategies to develop the metacognitive processes necessary to:

  1. Set realistic goals
  2. Figure out how to achieve the goals, including the ability to stay flexible and develop alternative routes
  3. Understand and believe in their ability to achieve success

Covered in SOS:

  • Developing the ability to self-assess in order to make progress
  • Time Management
  • Tracking daily and long-term assignments
  • Techniques to stay focused & on task
  • Self advocacy: asking for what you need
  • Creating notes and study guides
  • Communicating with parents, teachers, and coaches
  • Organizing backpacks, notebooks, papers and computer files
  • Developing study routines and skills
  • Active Reading strategies
  • Planning ahead for projects and essays
  • Effectively preparing for tests

Want a taste of what SOS might do for your family? Print out this self-scheduling worksheet and invite your kids to plan their upcoming weeks. This exercise builds agency and accountability. Read here about what happened when Cara did this exercise in her family.

Curious about how SOS might be able to help you? Contact us to learn more.


Helping you to navigate through your options

Minnesota is one if the greatest states for educational choice. The Twin Cities alone offers thousands of private school, charter school and public school options, to say nothing of homeschooling and online programs, from which busy parents can and must choose. Given the wealth of choices, it is good to have a trusted partner to help you navigate through and find what is best for your student.


Youth mentorship program

Enthusiasm inspires learning, and some of the most enthusiastic teachers can be our high-school aged crowd. Elementary and middle school children look up to their older peers and seek their approval, creating a wonderful opportunity for both mentor and student growth. We look for enthusiastic young adults age 15+ willing to volunteer their time tutoring elementary students.

A mentor relationship can spark a lifelong adventure in learning! Make that difference in a child’s life and learning.