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“Here are the three reasons we have enjoyed having our kids work with you and your tutors:

  1. Each of you has taken a very personal interest in getting to know our kids….not just their development needs, but interest in them as a person.
  2. Each of you has brought a clear expertise to the table in working with our kids. You have listened carefully to what I have been searching for in each case, and then provided the right person for the job.
  3. We have seen results. Learning does not happen in a linear fashion, so it is often difficult to judge progress along the way. But in each case, we have seen clear growth in our children…both in what they have learned and how they are learning it.”

– Parent, – Edina, MN


Personalized Solutions for Grades K-5

Elementary school is a time for your student to put his/her best foot forward in school. It is also when you may need extra time and support identifying specific learning needs in your child and how best to meet them. We celebrate the unique combination of talents, personality, and learning style of each student to bring him/her to the next level of comfort, confidence, and success in learning. We bring quality tutoring and relationship building to learning intervention.

Services we most commonly provide:

  • Reading Intervention(Orton Gillingham or Literacy Coaching)
  • Writing Intervention
  • Math Intervention (Based on student’s school district curriculum)
  • Organization & study skills
middle school tutoring

Middle School

“Our daughter has been coached by Yellow Parachute since 2005, when she was in 6th grade. We saw immediate progress, and she has been an A student ever since, thanks to the support that Cara Thorpe has provided. We can’t recommend her, and her team of tutors enough: organizational skills, time management, math, writing, homework completion, are all skills that K-12 Learning Solutions successfully taught our daughter. On a personal level, Cara was a delight to have in our home. She always timely, professional, and warm and caring. K-12 Learning Solutions has been a blessing and we will continue to use the tutors as our daughter enters the last years of her education.”

– Parent, – Edina, MN

Middle School

Personalized Solutions for Grades 6-8

Middle School is a time of change and growth. Your student is reading to learn and switching classrooms more frequently per subject. We have found students who have never struggled in school before experience new stressors with the added materials and course schedule they’re asked to manage. Learners with ADHD may need extra transition time; or your family may be dealing with a learning diagnosis for the first time.

Our middle school Learning Coached are certified teachers or specialists in the areas in which they teach. We also offer single subject coaching for the middle-school-aged student who needs a quick catch up in a specific subject area.

Services we most commonly provide include:

  • Language Arts / Writing
  • Organization / Study skills
  • Mathematics
  • Languages – Spanish, Latin, Chinese
  • Science
high school tutoring

High School

“Mrs. Thorpe is a fantastic tutor, who has provided me with much more than just the skills I needed to succeed at school. She has become a strong, caring and kind adult figure in my life and I appreciate all of the help and advice she has given me. I would recommend “Yellow Parachute” to any student who wishes to not only improve grades but also immerse in a subject at an in-depth level and at the pace of choosing.”

-10th Grade Student – Edina, MN

High School

Personalized Solutions for Grades 9-12

High School has become a competitive sport. The game changes quickly, and we are here to meet your needs as soon as they arise. The areas in which we most commonly provide services are listed below. We do our best to provide last minute assistance, in addition to weekly scheduled sessions for our high school students.

Our high school Learning Coaches are flexible and energetic, often jumping into study sessions 24-48 hours before a test. Of course, regularly scheduled sessions offer the greatest learning advantage. If you have a study guide or textbook available, we can make a fast-paced study session happen!

Services we most commonly provide:

Lit. & Language Arts

  • US Literature
  • British Literature
  • IB Courses


  • US History (AP)
  • World History (AP)
  • European History (AP)


  • Algebra I & II
  • Geometry
  • PreCalc (Including Honors)
  • Calculus (Including AP, AB, BC)
  • Functions & Statistics (Including AP)


  • Algebra I & II
  • Spanish
  • Latin
  • Chinese


  • General Science
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Astronomy


  • Painting & Drawing
  • Organization & Study Skills (applied in all subject areas)
fine art tutoring

Fine Art

Stephanie Gulliver (Art Teacher at Southwest Christian High School):

Reid has been very helpful to our school as our Art Department has been expanding. He has met with me on occasion the last 2 years, working with our Visual Art Department staff to guide us in curriculum building and class choices that will work best for our size school. This advice has been greatly appreciated!

His knowledge in the arts, both as an artist and an educator has been a great resource for me as the head of the Art Department here at Southwest Christian High School.

Reid has also worked alongside one of my former students during her Senior internship. He allowed her to job shadow and she could get a taste of what it is like to be a full-time artist.

Fine Art

Individual Classes

  • Private Art Lessons
  • Portfolio Review and Preparation: AP Courses, College Admission

Group Art Classes

Observational Drawing

Work in various mediums to develop techniques of observational drawing. Learn sighting techniques; explore composition, while developing your skills in charcoal, pastel, and graphite. Learn what it takes to become an expert at observational drawing.

Beginning Oil Painting

Learn the basics of oil painting in this 9 hour class. Learn how to mix, thin, and apply oil to various grounds. Students will learn to paint through close observational study and practice.

Group class minimum: 3

Group class maximum: 5

Intermediate Oil Painting

Build on your knowledge of oil painting.

Advanced Oil Painting

Continue your oil painting with instruction.

home school tutoring


The years I worked with Tim were the best of my life. Not only did I receive a great education, but I also had fun doing it. From reading poetry by the lake to solving puzzles, I really enjoyed my non-conventional schooling with Tim. I loved the flexibility that homeschooling offered me, and I had much more time to spend with my family and to do the things I love. Working with Tim took the pain out of going to school so much that I could enjoy learning again. Also, having one on one time with my very own teacher helped me to succeed and understand so easily. I believe it is what has made me into the great student I am today. Being able to have some say in what I learned about was a big bonus. For once I didn’t always have to learn information that I may or may not care about. I got to do a few projects on topics of my choosing, and that was nice. Working with Tim felt like working with a friend and mentor. We had a good time together, and I miss the days I got to work with him. Among studying the normal curriculum, we took field trips, gardened, watched documentaries, and learned about current events-things I almost never got to do in public school. I will forever be grateful to Tim for putting up with my antics and for teaching me despite me not always wanting to learn. We connected in a way that is almost impossible to achieve with conventional school teachers. When I went back to public school in ninth grade, I took on honors classes and did extremely well. I credit Tim with most of my success. Being his student was one of the best experiences I have ever had.


Homeschool Curriculum Design

Yellow Parachute helps home-educators build rigorous, dynamic academic programs around their children’s needs. As academic coaches, we are in regular touch with hundreds of public school, private school and home educated students. We are intimately familiar with the skills a student needs to succeed through elementary school, middle school, high school and beyond. Getting started can be the hardest part.

Whether it is finding the perfect chemistry tutor or help supplementing online school with an in-person teacher now and then we can help.

Homeschool Academic Coaching

With dozens of highly qualified coaches Yellow Parachute can work with you and your child in any academic discipline and often, even match them with a mentor in a specific career area. We have expert coaches in calculus and chemistry, literature and Latin, economics and European history, who are all ready to engage and serve your student.

special education tutoring

Special Education

We are so grateful to Yellow Parachute for the tutoring they did with our daughter. Our tutor’s clarity, flexibility, patience and concern for our daughter; and for our family worked wonders. Our daughter has a chronic illness that took an inexplicable turn for the worse this fall, which jeopardized her life, her aspirations for high school graduation and for college admission for Fall 2016. Her daily situation was unpredictable and at times her learning was impaired making it difficult to know when to meet and how to approach a given subject. Our tutor was flexible in his approach, and ultimately, she got through both AP Calculus and Honors Physics. In Calculus, he played a supportive role as she managed to attend some classes and sort of keep up with the class by attending occasionally. For physics, he had to teach her most of the course including labs. He went the extra mile and met with her physics teacher to understand the labs including their learning purpose.

As of now, our daughter is experiencing the best health she has ever had, and the crisis is past. Because of her efforts, and the support of Yellow Parachute and her teachers, she is going to graduate on time, having learned most of the things she wanted to learn. Being able to get through her health issues without an enormous educational hole to climb out of at the end of it makes a huge difference to her sense of well-being. Thank you.

Special Education

Our goal is to provide a team approach to meeting the needs of today’s unique learners.

We provide academic coaching and consultation for the IEP process. This process can be overwhelming, especially when you are new to the special education system. Our team approach provides a balance of guidance and support students and families deserve to be informed and successful in every environment.

We work with students with all special needs including ADHD, Autism Spectrum, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, processing delays, sensory integration difficulties, organizational difficulties, and all academic needs.

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