Your Wheel of Life

Your Wheel of Life provides 6 Steps & 10 Insightful Questions to Create Momentum in Your Life.

Use your Wheel of Life to take a snapshot of your current level of satisfaction in 8 key areas of your life. Take stock of where you are. Then decide where you want to go!

Wheel of Life

Balance is personal and unique to each individual – what may be satisfying or balanced for some may be stressful or boring for others.

Regardless of how you tackle self-care or setting goals, consistency is key. The Yellow Parachute Wheel of Life offers a baseline and continued check-in tool on the journey to become your favorite version of you!

I love using the Wheel of Life as one of the steps to achieve joy and satisfaction in each area of my life. I can use it to notice when I am spending more time in certain areas than others. Then I can use that information to adjust my goals. I

-Cara Thorpe, Founder & CEO

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Your Wheel of Life