I live in Chaska, my kids have attended Eastern Carver County School District 112, and my husband teaches art in the District. Thank you teachers and administrators for all you do! Today we learned the District’s plan for what opening in September will look like. Carynne will be in 4th grade, so that means returning to school in-person four days a week, with a distance learning day on Wednesdays. Caden is entering 7th grande, so it’s a hybrid model, going to school two days each week, and distance learning for the remaining three for him. And Charlie is my 9th grader – heading to his first experience of High School trying to get excited about full-time distance learning. 

This is not ideal for anyone.

And so my elementary and middle schooler will attend Yellow Parachute Academy. We’re still evaluating what we will do for our 9th grader. He’s well-suited for distance learning, but I feel like I know too much not to think outside the box – at least for a few minutes while we let the dust settle. 

My day today has been filled with texts from my friends and neighbors in the southwest metro who are reaching out, wondering what they’ll do to not only survive, but help their learners thrive during the 2020-2021 school year. I’ve been dialoging to help them figure out a sustainable, well- thought-out approach for whatever learning model their child will be entering in the fall – one that will provide consistency despite potential environmental changes throughout the year.

If you’re on Facebook and are a member of one of the many community groups, I’m sure you, like me, are seeing oodles of posts from folks coming out of the woodwork, offering to help educate your children this fall. Many of them don’t have a single day of teaching experience. Graduating with high honors from high school is no small accomplishment, yet it is a far cry from the years of professional experience and training of our Yellow Parachute Learning Coaches. Moreover, our coaches help offer the feel of a one-person show with the support and accountability of a large network of professionals. 

At Yellow Parachute Learning Partners, we have over two decades of experience and multiple college and graduate degrees in education. Teaching, and training teachers who teach how to learn not just what to learn, is my life’s work. I want to help you find the best, most sustainable plan for your scholars – whatever the school year will bring.

At Yellow Parachute Learning Partners we help parents create solutions that work, not only in September when there’s a level of excitement around back to school, but also in February, when the days are cold and short, the newness of the school supplies has worn off and frustration with distance learning (and perhaps with family members) is high. We. Can. Help! 

If you want to connect about some possibilities for best handling whatever this fall throws at you, you’re invited to join me on my weekly Zoom calls, which are super-casual and take place from 10 – 11 a.m on Wednesdays. Call (612) 361-7266 or email StudentConnector@YellowParachute.com to get the meeting link.

As always, if your kid needs help, I can help. Likewise, if you need wine, you know I’m your gal! 😉 

Cara Thorpe
Founder & Visionary
Yellow Parachute Learning Partners