Last week almost every parent in Minnesota, and across the United States, was thrust into a new and unfamiliar role… that of a homeschool teacher. And while this is overwhelming and seemingly impossible at times, we’re all going to get through this with a little patience, grit, and grace. By following “The Three Cs,” to Connect, Create and Carry On, families will experience a much smoother transition as they navigate this new normal.

Step One – Connect. Get creative in maintaining and nurturing relationships, even through the challenges of social distancing. Build time for maintaining connections into your daily schedule. Transform isolation into an opportunity to make deeper connections with family members and friends. Make sharing a meal together as a family a priority. When we have a connection that stabilizes us in times of stress or struggle, we won’t feel so alone.

Step Two – Create. Create normalcy. Work with your kids to come up with a mutually agreeable schedule and stick to it. Agree on one thing both parent and student can focus on as a long-term goal. And remember the reward! Because you’re at home, meeting learning expectations one-on-one will go quickly if you dedicate a little bit of time day by day. The majority of your time can then be spent trying new things like cooking, crafts, puzzles, outdoor activities and more.

Step Three – Carry On. Keep on keeping on! Maintain the structure of your days. Focus on what matters most to you. Make time for yourself. Take a walk outside. Practice random acts of kindness. Get creative in finding boredom busters. Online library resources, virtual field trips, and family game nights are great places to start.

In these times of uncertainty, the best approach is to take things day by day. Take breaks. Breathe deeply. Take care of yourself. We’ll get through this together!

Cara Thorpe
Founder & Visionary
Yellow Parachute Learning Partners