Meet Student Mentor Jack Maves

Hi! I’m Jack and I am a current Junior at Chanhassen High School. I have a wonderful family with an older sister named Molly, a younger brother named Henry, and my parents Sara and Brandon. I have two dogs; Pippa and Grizwald (Griz for short).

I play club soccer with CC United and also for Chanhassen High School where I play on the varsity team along-side some of my best friends.

I have always loved sports and have tried almost every sport I can imagine. I also love to play video games with my friends, and spend time with the people I care about playing pool, chess, and games.

I have an unweighted 3.77 GPA and have made Honor Roll 1 at Chanhassen High School for the past 3 years. I have always loved math and science, and I am challenging myself this year with AP Calculus AB.

With Jack’s impressive GPA, course, and activities list, it might sound like school has always been easy for Jack. But it hasn’t…

Throughout my younger years, I struggled to find a passion for school. I lacked motivation and was very unorganized. This made my middle school years much harder than they needed to be.

I have grown and changed a lot since then. While prepping for the ACT Test, I found Yellow Parachute and test prep Coach Cara Thorpe. In addition to ACT prep, I learned how to better balance my work time with time for fun.

I realized how much easier this made schoolwork. It also improved my relationships with my family and friends. I became interested in sharing this knowledge with young people to help them excel. I hope to have the opportunity to teach youth how to manage their time wisely and achieve the goals and grades they desire. It is exciting to think that I can help other students decide what is most important and set goals to get there.

Student mentorship is an incredible way for students to learn life-changing skills and use what they’ve gained to help younger students succeed! Join our Yellow Parachute Team as a student mentor or work with a student mentor today!