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Gritty Entrepreneurs and ADHD Characteristics

Going “out on your own” requires passion, creativity, and risk-taking, characteristics commonly used to describe individuals who have ADHD. . In fact, as many as 40% of entrepreneurs report having ADHD or executive function difficulties that negatively impacted their school [...]

Understanding Brain Networks in Inattentive ADHD

This article is adapted from "ADHD, Inattention Explained" By Janice Rodden, Joel Nigg, Ph.D. Updated on June 29, 2023 on ADDitude.comThe Impact of Brain Networks on Attention in ADHD Why are we doing this AGAIN?!?!? As teachers and parents, it [...]

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The Summer of MINDSET

Can we make this the summer of MINDSET? Oh my goodness, families, the more time I spend studying what makes us successful in every aspect of our lives….it’s…you guessed it. Mindset. I’m going to use the “show don’t tell” approach, [...]

How to Get What You Want in Life (It’s Simpler Than You Think)

Congratulations Graduates! (Now what will you do with your life!?!?) Parents, do you remember, back in the day, when it seemed like EVERYONE was asking you that question? I wasn't one of those people who knew exactly what they wanted [...]

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7 Steps to Show Your Work in Math

Does your student have trouble showing their work in multi-step math problems? Maybe they're not really trying to push your buttons! Looking through an Executive Function Skills lens, we can identify a stress on working memory bandwidth and metacognition. Try [...]

From Button Pushers to Problem Solvers: How to Manage Conflict With an EF Detective Lens

Do you feel like your kids have the User’s Manual on how to make steam come out of your ears? The good news? You are not alone. The even BETTER news? You can turn them from button pushers to problem [...]

ADHD Parenting: How to Transform Your Kid From Button Pusher to Problem Solver

It might seem like your kid is a powerful button pusher; your kid is also a powerful problem solver! I hope this story brings you perspective in conquering regret #3 in “Parenting With No Regrets.”   Regret #3: I Held [...]

ADHD Masking: When Coping Gets In the Way

What Is ADHD Masking? “I appear very organized to the outside world, but only because I spend an immense amount of time and energy putting everything together.” “My house is an embarrassing cluttered mess. I don’t let people come over. [...]

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