Does your student have trouble showing their work in multi-step math problems?

Maybe they’re not really trying to push your buttons! Looking through an Executive Function Skills lens, we can identify a stress on working memory bandwidth and metacognition. Try this acronym to help your student practice showing work a habit!

Quirky Kangaroos Work For Ice-cream Stomping Up Cones!

  1. QUIRKY – Read the sentence that contains the QUESTION.
  2. KANGAROOS WORK – Look for KEY WORDS in the question that tell you which operations and skills to use.
  3. FOR – Write the FORMULA you will use.
  4. ICE- CREAM – Look for INFORMATION you need to solve the question.
  5. STOPMING – SOLVE the problem Step-by-Step.
  6. UP – Ask yourself: Do I need a UNIT here?
  7. CONES – CHECK your work to make sure it makes sense.

Using this acronym will relieve your students working memory load, add confidence, and add to student-teacher connection!

Question – Key Words  – Formula – Information-  Solve – Units – Check

Tell us how you use it and how it works!


Yours in the Journey,