7 Steps to Show Your Work in Math

Does your student have trouble showing their work in multi-step math problems? Maybe they're not really trying to push your buttons! Looking through an Executive Function Skills lens, we can identify a stress on working memory bandwidth and metacognition. Try [...]

The Indian Education Program

Yellow Parachute proudly partners with the Anoka-Hennepin School District by providing tutoring services to students enrolled in the Indian Education Program. The program, which has been around since debuting in the 1973-74 school year, focuses specifically on the educational needs [...]

Celebrate Success With Jennifer and Evelyn Zick

When Jennifer Zick’s first child was diagnosed with ADHD in first grade, Jennifer was scared. “As first-time parents, the diagnosis was overwhelming. We didn’t want her labeled or limited, but we realized some things would be harder for her.” Over [...]

What Exactly Does Yellow Parachute Do? (Almost) Everything

We spend a great deal of time telling you the how and why or our teaching, what inspires us, and how we hope to inspire our students. Now, we’d like to take a few minutes to talk about the range [...]

The Domino Effect: How Math Tutoring Multiplied my Son’s Successes

We talk a lot about the transformative power of reciprocity between a student and tutor (learning coach!). It’s something we believe in at our core, and so we’re always thrilled to hear success stories from our clients. Of course, no [...]

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Learning Coach Gabriela Grosshans, inspired by neuroscience, pancakes

As a Yellow Parachute Learning Coach, Gabriela tutors math, science, and Spanish, including ACT, SAT subject tests, and IB and AP levels. Her passion, animation, and dedication to her students embody Yellow Parachute’s model of holistic tutoring. Coaches like Gabriela [...]

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