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Power Planning for ADHD

🥰 Know what I love MOST about this summer?!?!? Besides warmth, I heart the endless drip of high school kids in and out of our house. Before you think I'm "that amazing, relaxed mom," let me assure you, it's totally [...]

What Exactly Does Yellow Parachute Do? (Almost) Everything

We spend a great deal of time telling you the how and why or our teaching, what inspires us, and how we hope to inspire our students. Now, we’d like to take a few minutes to talk about the range [...]

Five Steps To Academic Success

I’ve spent nearly ten rewarding years as an ACT Test Prep Coach, preparing incredible young people for over 100 ACT and SAT tests. In addition to gifting me with great joys and challenges, this work has revealed valuable insight into [...]

Simple Steps to Up Your College Admissions Game this Spring and Summer

The college admissions process can be exciting, stressful, and mystifying for students and parents alike. There’s the anxiety over grades, test scores, college rankings, finances, and the more subjective questions of fit and preference. As a parent, how can you [...]

Writing A College Admission Essay? Check Out These Quick Tips

For many high school seniors, Thanksgiving is a final calm before the storm of college application stress. I still remember the anxiety of crafting my own admission essays, though I’ve long since forgotten what they were about. You want to [...]

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