Recovery from Perfectionism and Shame

As a recovering perfectionist, I am keenly aware of times when shame has clouded my perception, especially when I have felt criticized. My perception of rejection was, in those moments, more powerful than I could manage. More intense than hurt [...]

Coaching Your Conductor: The Learning Coach and Executive Function

Imagine sitting in a concert hall. The crowd falls silent as the conductor takes her place on center stage and cues the orchestra. Moments later, she’s keeping the melody, watching the tempo, and tracking the upcoming key changes. Her job [...]

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How Knowing Where You Are Helps You Get Where You Want to Go

As ever-adventurous neighborhood travelers, my daughter and I attempted a new shortcut to her friend’s house this weekend. We also like to sing a little in the car, and we anticipated our accomplishment with a melodious mix of Pentatonix’s “White [...]

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Celebrate Success With Jennifer and Evelyn Zick

When Jennifer Zick’s first child was diagnosed with ADHD in first grade, Jennifer was scared. “As first-time parents, the diagnosis was overwhelming. We didn’t want her labeled or limited, but we realized some things would be harder for her.” Over [...]

What Exactly Does Yellow Parachute Do? (Almost) Everything

We spend a great deal of time telling you the how and why or our teaching, what inspires us, and how we hope to inspire our students. Now, we’d like to take a few minutes to talk about the range [...]

Jump With Me? Reciprocity, Mentorship, and Unlearning the Naturalness Bias

As an educator with a deep desire to help struggling students and their families, I used to imagine myself as a rescue worker parachuting into a disaster zone, knapsack stuffed full of answers and fail-safe strategies, energy bars, band-aids, and [...]

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Don’t Try Harder, Try Differently: Tackling Learning Challenges With Judy Bandy

It’s not easy to recognize learning disabilities in our kids. To the untrained eye, disorders like ADD or ADHD might look like laziness or lack of self-control—traits that many of us were (wrongly) brought up to believe are problems of [...]

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