Do you feel like your kids have the User’s Manual on how to make steam come out of your ears?

The good news? You are not alone.

The even BETTER news? You can turn them from button pushers to problem solvers using an Executive Function Skills Lens!

In my 24 years as a classroom teacher, learning company founder, learning coach, and executive function performance coach, I’ve had the opportunity to work with incredible parents and students who want their school and family experiences to get closer to their favorite versions of themselves.

While each family is unique as its members’ thumbprints, our Yellow Parachute Learning Coach team has observed a set of circumstances, patterns, and situations common to all of them.

With curiosity, grit, and a sense of humor, I believe that families can improve situational stress triggers and strengthen their relationships. The essential set of tools in rebuilding relationships and scaffolding routines for success is found in Executive Function Skills.

There’s no magic wand or spoon full of sugar, but the success you build together will be transformational. Together, we will walk through a mindset, skillset, and habits that will get you closer to your vision of “your best” as a family.

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