Can we make this the summer of MINDSET?

Oh my goodness, families, the more time I spend studying what makes us successful in every aspect of our lives….it’s…you guessed it.


I’m going to use the “show don’t tell” approach, because I risk boring you with too many facts. If you want facts, email me and we’ll chat! But for those of you who want the quick version – may I ask you and your kids to watch this video? (Pretty please?) 🙏 

Especially if your family struggles with doing little things around the house, forgetting details, chores, belongings, and planning, to name a few. It can be REALLY frustrating to lose time hunting for lost items or repeating ourselves.

So I propose a solution:  Looking at the things you don’t do well through an Executive Function Lens can give you a HUGE mindset boost. I’ll let you answer the WHY for yourself and your family. We can compare answers later! Check it out – right now before you forget – and let us know what you think in the video’s comments.

Warning: it just may change your life!

Yours in the journey,



If you’re interested in reading more about Growth Mindset, here’s a book by the concept’s originator, Carol Dweck. Its worth a read!