By now, you know there’s no magic wand that helps you and your family break all your bad habits. Instead, it takes knowing where you are, where you want to go, lots of practice, and a great support team.

And what better support team than your own family?

Family vision-setting helps connect each of you with where you are and where you each want to go. It helps kids of any age practice the vision and goal setting process, instrumental in knowing not only how to dream big but how to choose the dreams that they will set into motion – which we refer to at Yellow Parachute as “the jump.”

Setting a vision of what you want to accomplish also reminds you and your family about what matters. As you share your different ideas with each other, you create a picture of your common hopes and values.

One of the essential factors of vision-setting is that it works! Studies show that people who write down their visions and goals are more likely to achieve those goals than those who keep them stored in mind. As Grit author Angela Duckworth suggests, “We improve the things we track.”

If writing down your family vision is the first step, and celebrating victories is the best step, what happens in the middle? Hard work and practice. A way to stay motivated during practice is to create a family vision board.

Your family vision board will be uniquely yours and can serve as a daily reminder of the solidarity you have with each other and the big things ahead for all of you. Brainstorm your vision together, then grab photographs, magazines, scissors, and markers and complete a board that will remind you of your best selves as a family.

Need a place to get started? Download our Wheel of Life tool and complete it together. The 30 minutes you spend will change your lives. After you do the activity, please comment on your experience!

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Cara Thorpe
Founder & Visionary
Yellow Parachute Learning Partners