“Cherish your visions and your dreams, as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.” – Napoleon Hill

Remember when you rolled down the grassy hill at the park just for fun? Or when you spun in circles until you fell down dizzy and laughing? These childhood moments were gifts of joy in the moment – from the very core of your soul.

Now you’re a grown-up, serious about life and about responsibility. And I ask: where are those children now? Do you take time to laugh in the joy of present moments – to be where your feet are? Because your ultimate success and fulfillment in life depend on it.

If you’ve lost them or squashed them way-down-deep, how do you get back to your childhood hopes and dreams? Look to your kids – watch the children of their souls – so you can remember yours. My 5th grade daughter’s goal for the week is “to have fun.” Isn’t that what we should all aim for?

I don’t remember the last time that “fun” was one of my aims, before I discovered the Do What Matters Most training. My goals had consisted, instead, of business benchmarks, project completion, and to-do lists. Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a good to-do -list. But in quiet moments I began to wonder if to-do-lists accurately marked the way I wanted to spend my time or measure my worth.

Through Do What Matters Most training, I spent valuable time taking a snapshot of where I was, in relation to where I wanted to be. I unpacked those visions and dreams that had been sitting boxed-up on a high shelf.

And now I seek to have fun. I call it joy, and it comes from living a purpose filled life. I want that for myself, for my family and children, and I want that for YOU.

So if you are a vision cherisher, a dream builder, CHEERS! – today and every day. For you are following the blueprints of your ultimate achievements. The way is not always easy, but it is oh-so-worth-it. Find others like you, and support each other in your pursuit of living the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.

And if you are wondering, like I once was, if you really want to measure your life by to do lists, I am only a phone call or email away! What visions and dreams are you cherishing this week? How are you modeling growth mindset for your kids?

I have a couple of video gifts for you and your kids. The Cherish Your Visions video is for you, and the Growth Mindset one is for them. Take a peek at the videos, take in their messages, share with friends and family, and repeat!

ROCK ON. – Cara

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Cara Thorpe
Founder & Visionary
Yellow Parachute Learning Partners