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What is Yellow Parachute Academy?

For the past few weeks I’ve been hearing from a lot of my parent-friends who have concerns about what school will look like in the fall. In this blog, I’ve been working to address those concerns by talking about Yellow [...]

Why it’s Important to Worry About Yourself

With today’s announcement making the temporary closure of schools in Minnesota permanent for the remainder of the school year, you’re all (understandably) facing some additional stress. Let’s face it… distance learning comes with some unique challenges and a solid [...]

Setting Aside Our Experiences to Help our Kids

Cara Thorpe, founder and CEO of Yellow Parachute Learning Partners, is here again with answers about personalized learning. Learn about setting aside our own experiences with school and asking a question that will help students get what they need to [...]

Surviving? Our kids ought to be thriving in school

Do you argue about the same school-related problems every evening? See tears or anger that you don’t understand? Feel like you have to ride your kids’ coattails to get them to try? Or that you’re always on edge about school? [...]

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