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Pulling Back the Arrow to Move Forward

We all remember the unit on archery from our elementary school gym classes and the steps involved in learning the sport. One of the most important steps is the “draw,” the act of pulling back the arrow, before it can [...]

Redefining “Routine”

Routine (noun) rü-ˌtēn.  A regular course of procedure.  Habitual or mechanical performance of an established procedure. This is how Merriam-Webster defines "routine." It sounds easy enough, but if you're struggling to find your groove as we all work to accept [...]

Why it’s Important to Worry About Yourself

With today’s announcement making the temporary closure of schools in Minnesota permanent for the remainder of the school year, you’re all (understandably) facing some additional stress. Let’s face it… distance learning comes with some unique challenges and a solid [...]

Just give me a routine I can break

Just give me a routine I can break! Perhaps by this time in the school year I’ve repeated, “We will NOT have a morning like this again,” a few too many times. Or I’ve finally realized that I’d forgotten to [...]

Recovery from Perfectionism and Shame

As a recovering perfectionist, I am keenly aware of times when shame has clouded my perception, especially when I have felt criticized. My perception of rejection was, in those moments, more powerful than I could manage. More intense than hurt [...]


nev·er·the·less /ˌnevərT͟Həˈles/ adverb in spite of that; notwithstanding; all the same. however. An example of nevertheless is continuing on a job search despite dozens of rejections. › nevertheless Funny thing: I instruct my ACT students to choose nevertheless only [...]

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