The Simple Act of Paying Attention – Part 1

The other day I listened in on my son’s Physics X class, which sets 9th graders up for a full year of physics in one semester and chemistry the next. Taught in a 2-hour block, it's a rigorous class with [...]

Three Cs for Success in Schooling from Home

Last week almost every parent in Minnesota, and across the United States, was thrust into a new and unfamiliar role… that of a homeschool teacher. And while this is overwhelming and seemingly impossible at times, we’re all going to get [...]

Setting Aside Our Experiences to Help our Kids

Cara Thorpe, founder and CEO of Yellow Parachute Learning Partners, is here again with answers about personalized learning. Learn about setting aside our own experiences with school and asking a question that will help students get what they need to [...]

How “letting go” in the right way can help your kids flourish

“Say it, Mom,” she whisper-coached. “I am good enough.” My daughter pressed her hand into mine, her forehead to my temple. “I am good enough,” I responded. We turned our heads back to the pair in front of us, Pastor [...]

How to manage expectations about summer learning

To my fellow parents, I’m about to save you from your own expectations about summer learning. At this point in May, summer feels like that land of promise and endless possibility. We plan on learning from every mistake from past [...]

Why we procrastinate, and how we can change

I’ve been thinking a bit about procrastination. It’s finally spring in Minnesota, and it seems that along with 60-degree weather and sun, we’ve tend to put off whatever needs to get done. Over my time working with students and reading [...]

Coaching Your Conductor: The Learning Coach and Executive Function

Imagine sitting in a concert hall. The crowd falls silent as the conductor takes her place on center stage and cues the orchestra. Moments later, she’s keeping the melody, watching the tempo, and tracking the upcoming key changes. Her job [...]

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