Why we procrastinate, and how we can change

I’ve been thinking a bit about procrastination. It’s finally spring in Minnesota, and it seems that along with 60-degree weather and sun, we’ve tend to put off whatever needs to get done. Over my time working with students and reading [...]

Coaching Your Conductor: The Learning Coach and Executive Function

Imagine sitting in a concert hall. The crowd falls silent as the conductor takes her place on center stage and cues the orchestra. Moments later, she’s keeping the melody, watching the tempo, and tracking the upcoming key changes. Her job [...]

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How to Stop Arguing About Food, Time, and Money

As promised in last week’s post on conquering the self-defeating stories we tell ourselves, what follows is an honest and thorough accounting of what happened with those checklists I delegated to my kids to keep their home/school/hockey/dance obligations in balance. [...]

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A Dirty Word for the Holiday Season: Checklist. (It’s Not What You Think, I Promise.)

We’re in the midst of the Holiday Season, which is wonderful and terrible at the same time. I hope you don’t mind me saying that—I’ll explain. I mean that when we’re caught in “the rush of it all,” we sometimes [...]

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How Knowing Where You Are Helps You Get Where You Want to Go

As ever-adventurous neighborhood travelers, my daughter and I attempted a new shortcut to her friend’s house this weekend. We also like to sing a little in the car, and we anticipated our accomplishment with a melodious mix of Pentatonix’s “White [...]

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Exploring Core Values With Rachel Moran, LMFT

That SAT score, that perfect college, that flawless photo of our dinner on Instagram: when did everything become so external to ourselves?  It’s almost as though we aspire to be the data point of ourselves, rather than simply ourselves—those internal, [...]

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How to Heal the Heartbreak of Underachieving Children

Each of us has seasons of increased and decreased productivity in school, work, and life. When we prioritize time and bandwidth, some tasks naturally get more time and attention, while others get less. We choose our battles, enter the arena. [...]